Hadit Arquitectos is an architectural firm founded in 2005 by the architects Rafael Lorente Jorge Gil to jointly develop a way of projecting spaces, from planning to object’s details.

Shortly after the equipo babilonia joined the firm as a partner in the field of landscape and, since that time, the landscape became a reference in studio projects.

Our motto is to pursue excellence in everything we do, performing quality architecture to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Architecture should not be an abstract idea, but a concrete reality that is embodied in a particular place and must meet predefined needs. We create different spaces for each client and for each place, we must create a unique architecture.

The success of a project is to work with the customer and with a team of specialists in architecture, urbanism, landscape, structures, installations, interior design, industrial design, ... enjoying their work in an ambience of creativity and motivation. The key in our work is the accuracy.

Our aim is to make a responsible, creative, free and honest architecture.